Coir Hydroponics Nutrients Coir Fiber Retains Water and Drains Well


Future-minded cannabis cultivation professionals are adopting eco-friendly practices by using hydroponic nutrients and coconut coir fiber as their preferred growing method. The recreational marijuana market is becomes increasingly competitive year after year. Commercial growers are finding themselves under constant pressure to increase yields while reducing overhead, all while turning crops around as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Carefully choosing nutrients, lights, and growth medium has never been more important to effectively grow marijuana plants. Synchronizing these implements is integral to the cultivation methods necessary for producing substantial, healthy, and more robust cannabis crops.  Fortunately, growers using  hydroponic nutrients and coir fiber, supplied by RIOCOCO, as their growth medium have one less thing to worry about.

How Coir Fiber From RIOCOCO Serves As A Hydroponic Growing Media For Cannabis?

The 100% organic, OMRI, growth medium of coco coir fiber manufactured by RIOCOCO is the preferred eco-friendly substrate for cannabis crops. Blending coir fiber with the nutrient solution in mind, RIOCOCO uses a mix of chips and pith. This coir substrate is providing roots with optimum water levels while effectively aerating the root system with 30% oxygen. We’ve worked alongside industry leaders to determine precise air filled porosity levels – triggering maximum growth rates for cannabis is at the core of what we do.

Natural coir fiber also possesses increased anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties: repelling pests and pathogens while keeping the marijuana plants healthy and strong. Besides, the coir fibers pH level of 5.5 to 6.5 is allowing the nutrients to be fully available for uptake by the root network. Moreover, nurseries and propagation specialists are using the coir fiber can as a rooting medium for cuttings!

What Major Benefits Are Gained By Using The Coir Fiber In Hydroponic Nutrient Solution?

Suitable Air-Circulation to the Roots with the Least Plant Bugs

Organic operations are using RIOCOCO coco coir fiber blended with compost and maintaining an adequate and air to water ratio, generating maximum aeration to the roots system. The root network gains more breathability, triggering better growth for the marijuana plants. The agronomist can also plants directly in the pre-mix coco coir substrate, and mix a tailor-made nutrient formula for the optimal growth of the cannabis crops.

Again, with the neutral pH level of coir fiber, the determinants to control the propagation of cannabis crops can be effectively adjusted. In this context, the pre-mixed coir fiber of the PCM Line is rendered by RIOCOCO to save the money and time of the agronomists in being the ready-to-cultivate growth medium for cannabis crops. In addition, such coir pre-mixes come with unique germicidal properties, as the naturally-occurring organic polymer (lignins) that establish a symbiotic relationship with the roots of marijuana plantlets, resulting in health and vigor which mitigates the risk of pests and disease.

Eco-Friendly Coco Coir For Hydroponic Nutrients

Dissimilar to peat moss, the 100% organic and OMRI-certified coir fiber functions as a highly effective sustainable growth media, as it is obtained directly from the ripened coconut husks. Such renewable coco coir fibers provide an enhanced CEC, or cation exchange capacity to supply nutrient cations to the soilless growth medium. This cation exchange capacity thereby aids in absorbing the nutrients like potassium, calcium, zinc, and iron from the nutrient solution.

Final Verdict

The major benefits offered by RIOCOCO’s eco-friendly plant growth medium of coir hydroponics nutrients coir fiber speak for themselves. Cultivators throughout the cannabis industry are choosing the solutions offered by RIOCOCOs PCM line to ensure consistent, healthy growth from clone to flower. Contact us for a quote today!