Coco Peat Hydroponics


High water holding capacity, balanced pH, low EC, good drainage, less shrinkage and retaining physical properties for a longer period are some of the factors for which cultivators like coco peat hydroponics. Coco peat is good to retain nutrients against buffer supply and leaching. Moreover, it is not only superior to peat but also has excellent hydrophilic properties. 

Now, if we ask you to use coco peat for hydroponics, you should not think twice. Here, in this blog, we will give you more information on coco peat and also tell you where to buy the best coir substrates. Before finishing this post, you will be able to understand the pros of using coco peat for hydroponics. You will be confident enough to choose the best coco peat product for your next cannabis hydroponic project

Pros of Using Coco peat for hydroponics

The reality of harvesting peat moss

Is Coconut Coir or Peat the Best Alternative for Hydroponics?

Generally, coco peat or coir is the best-proven alternative to mined peat moss. Therefore, using coco peat or coir can help reduce peat extraction from environmentally sensitive swamps. It is widely used as an effective growing medium. It consistently outperforms other popular brands of coco peat. 

The use of coco peat hydroponics increases daily. It is an OMRI-certified organic medium that offers good oxygen and water retention. If you are new to hydroponics, it could be your best choice; because it is similar to soil. It allows growers or cultivators to grow without soil and without buying a complete hydroponic system. 

Coco peat is light in weight. It is odorless and easy to handle, so you do not need to worry about pests, weeds or diseases. The best thing about coco peat is that it is uniform in composition. It is 100 percent organic and promotes strong plant vigor and root growth. Absorbing the re-wets and water eliminates the need for wetting agents. Thus, you save a lot of time, energy and money.   

You can reduce the frequency of watering sans plant stress, which is the next best thing for using coco peat hydroponics.

Thereby, you can minimize labor costs and plant loss. Also, you can increase the shelf life of plants. In hydroponics farming with RIOCOCO coco coir, you don’t need to check if the substrate is compressing or not because of decomposition, it means your products are not shrinking during the growing cycle.

Hydroponics growers looking for an alternative growing medium having a high water-holding capacity can choose coco peat without any doubt. It has excellent drainage and aeration. Here, we have mentioned some of the reasons for which seedling nurseries, gardens and hydroponics growers choose coco peat. They also use other coir substrates for hydroponics. 

Large quantities of cannabis plants growing in Riococo PCM Starter Blocks

Freshly rooted clones off to a great start in RIOCOCO

High Quality Substrate = High Quality Yields

Last, but certainly not least, made of inner fibers of the coconut fruit, coco coir or peat is light in weight. It has a well-draining and retaining capacity of moisture for a longer period sans getting waterlogged. It is naturally anti-fungal. If you want to increase your yields, look no further than coco peat hydroponics offered by RIOCOCO., one of the worlds’ largest and most trusted suppliers of coco peat and other coco coir growing mediums for hydroponics. The coir substrates offered by RIOCOCO are 100 percent natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly products available in the market today.